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Google Glasses in our Society

Let me give you my take on it. In short it could make the world a better place for everyone. A lot of the media coverage i have seen so far has by a large margin focused on the disadvantages in regards to the possible violations of peoples privacy. I would like to think a lot more about the possible advantages for our society.

Example 1

Let me begin with an real life example that seems to be very fitting. The police department in Rialto Calif. tried to equip each officer on duty with a camera. The intention was to reduce or even prevent police brutality and they were willing to find out if body cameras are able to do so. People behave differently when they know that someone will check what they did later or is checking right now.

Example 2

Now how could this be applied to everyone in a normal day to day life. well, If we think about it ,there are often people that are very rude. Using their strong character not to help other people but for instance ,to pick on the ones that aren't as strong. I would like to think that this kind of behavior would change dramatically if you know that what you are doing could find its way onto the internet. With every new technology there are advantages and disadvantages, but i would like to believe that in this case the possible positive implications for society outweigh the negatives.

"I believe the more open a society is ,the better this is for everybody."

Example 3

Responsible supply chain management. We heard this from pretty much every big corporation. They claim to not be able to completely verify that their supply chain works as responsibly as they expect them to be. On paper things tend to be ok but the reality in most situations is a very different beast. Google glasses could make it for corporations as well as governments easier to verify claims of the different parts of the supply chain. Or at least there would not be an excuse anymore regarding how expensive this close oversight would be. Bringing certain parts of industries into the open would reward those that are doing a good job while exposing those that aren't. It would do what investigative journalism does right now on a more constant and global level.

Example 4

Another positive example for all the parents out there. Lets take a look at schools. We know that there is a lot of bullying that happens there. People even committed suicide because they were treated so badly by other people that they couldn't take it anymore. This would be a perfect case to be made were google glasses could help prevent bad situations from happening in the first place. For one the people being bullied are able to wear the glasses so that for instance parents could check in if everything is ok. The more important thing though, i think we know a lot of the time that bullying and stuff like that happens in very public places however we also know that most people don't act or try to help. There have been multiple studies showing this kind of behavior. But with google glasses every bystander could become not only a witness but the first hand account could be made public on the internet.

Conclusion ?

These are only a few examples to show what a positive impact google glasses could have on our society. Technologies are inherently neither good nor bad it always depends on how we use them.

"Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds."

Where do you stand on the matter ? #googleglasses

p.s. SYTYCD - "Tears of an angel" #bullyingmuststop

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